APPen Electronic Learning Aid

APPen is the first pen with pressure sensitivity for children. It is designed to be fun and enhance creativity!

Colour, play and learn directly on your tablet!

Download the free app and unleash your imagination! Appen connects through the headphone jack and works without batteries.

APPen is the new electronic pen for Tablets and Smartphones designed for children. It will allow your children to draw, play and learn on your device!

The pen is fitted with a new pressure sensitivity system. This means that the harder you press the pen down on the tablet or smartphone, the thicker the line.

Its shape is conceived and designed for young children. APPen is as simple as it is ingenious.

Appen has been tested to check its strength and durability. The pen has been tested to operate over 76,000 rounds of play. Each stylus, included in the package, had been tested for over 38,000 cycles game.

Appen won the Top Gadget at The Mums Choice Awards 2013

1. Download the free App from the App Store or from Google Play, depending on your operating system.
2. Install the App and position the switch onto 1 or 2 depending on the instructions received in the app.
3. After connecting the APPen, set the volume of your device to maximum. The pen utilises an audio signal to enable the pressure sensitivity system. (NB - It might emit a noise but this is normal and totally safe).
4. Run the app and follow the instructions on the screen to use all of the available functionalities and activities.

APPen is equipped with a protective cap.
We suggest always using it when storing the pen in order to avoid damages.
The pen tip is equipped with a pressure sensitivity system: do not hit or bash the tip.
Do not swing the pen by holding the cable.
Do not wet the pen or immerse in water.

How to replace the pen nibs:
a) Remove the pen nib from the pen body
b) Screw the new pen nib into the pen body

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