Dino Babies

Many of these Dino Babies TOOB will grow up to be fearsome predators, but for now they’re harmless and as cute as a button! Even dinosaurs can be cute when they are in our Dino Babies TOOB® by Safari Ltd®.

Children love TOOBS® because the collections of small toys feature vibrant colours and accurate detail. The educational toys are available in dozens of fun themes.

Each set of tiny figures comes in a reusable acetate tube with a spinning globe on the cap. This snaps open and closed for easy storage. They are individually hand painted with true to life detail, these figurines are exceptional for creative fun. They're perfect for educational purposes, or as additions to a diorama or collection. They're also great for traveling, collecting, and imaginative play.

Contrary to popular belief, dinosaurs were actually very colorful, as seen by the little Pteranodon’s pumpkin orange body and sunny yellow head.

Dino Babies TOOB® Contains:

  • Pteranodon Baby
  • Allosaurus Baby
  • Apatosaurus Baby
  • Triceratops Baby
  • Brachiosaurus Baby
  • Stegosaurus Baby
  • Parasaurolophus Baby
  • Velociraptor Baby
  • T-Rex Baby
  • Spinosaurus Baby

Replicas Measure 4 to 7.5 cm

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