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Sand and Water Toys

Play and Go

This deluxe system is Aquaplay's largest and contains nearly all of the play features available. The popular lock is of course one of the main attractions - let the Bear take the tugboat out for an excursion through the lock system. You regulate the water level by using the pump and opening the lock gates. The boat will soon be out in the canals again to continue its journey! The ferry has its own space at the ferry station. Here is the perfect place to pick up the amphibian truck when it has collected its cargo at land. The amphibian truck also has the possibility to slide down into the water and function as a boat. On the opposite side of the set, the harbour is located. Here you can let the mate load the container on the transport boat with assistance of the crane. By turning the paddle wheel the water moves the vehicles round and round through the canals. this way of playing stimulates children's creativity and imagination, a playful way of educating how water moves!