Caterpillar Wall Toys

The different pieces of the body all provide a separate function, not only encouraging
communication and creativity but also developing fine and gross motor skills.
1. The head of the caterpillar is a colourful bead frame, complete with eyes and mouth.
2. Steel balls need to be moved around the labyrinth with the aid of magnetic sticks.
3. Magnetic sticks are used to carry the balls onto a pair of scales.
Counting and observational skills needed for this one!
4. Magic gear wheels – by turning the orange wheel all the other wheels will turn.
Different visual effects achieved, the faster the wheels spin the better the effect.
5. Basic teaching clock, with large and small hand. The small wheels also show the
different seasons.
Elements have a size of 530 x 480 mm (head) and 350 x 470 mm (body pieces). This
superb quality wooden wall toy is guaranteed not only to engage the children but will
also impress the parents too!

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