Light Cube Accessory Pack

The Educational Light Cube accessory kit is the perfect light table starter kit for younger students! The kit features lots of safe and colourful materials to play with on the LED Light Cube (available Separately) Count and sort beautiful bead shapes. Examine details in x-rays and layer optical illusion sheets to discover interesting patterns! Drop paint onto the washable Educational Light Cube and drag paint on top to make swirls and lines. Use our new squiggle pipettes to develope fine motor skills. The teacher guide includes detailed descriptions of fun projects.

Includes; 5 clear plastic trays that fit snugly, Counting and Stringing Rings, 12 Optical illusion sheet, 2 paint pipettes, 2 Squiggle Pipettes, 8 clear vials, 3 Paint Scrapers, 8 Animal X-Rays, teachers guide.

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