Baby Enclosure Zone

*Zone Area 3.64 x 2.7 metres

*Specially designed for children aged 6 months to 2 years, a cosy and safe environment within which children can discover and play

*Featuring the low level clear view browser and mirror units, this zone allows young children easy access to toys and resources, whilst the large pull up and play mirror is perfect for helping to steady toddlers on their feet.

All items included are also sold separately

*Tilt Tote Storage 

*Clear View Browser

*Low Mirror Play Unit

*Large Pull up and Play Toddler Mirror 

*Toddler Gate Panel

*Toddler Clear Panel

*Toddler Arch Panel

*Toddler Activity A Panel

*Mobile Trolley with Display and Mirror Back

*Large Wall Decoration

*Panel Connectors 


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