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Combo Packs of Counting Worms and Boards

These combination packs are made up of Counting boards, Story of numbers, Number Lines and of course Counting Worms. They are stimulating, interesting and irresistible. This simple hands on resource is a novel way of teaching basic counting, number recognition, and number bonds.

The combination packs with counting worms are wonderfully progressive. They are a practical, visual way to demonstrate counting on, ordering, number bonds, number trains, repeated addition and multiplication.

combination packs are a great introduction to early number investigations. Ideal for nurseries, pre-schools and schools.

The combo packs available are:

Pre-school pack: 1 x Counting Board, 1 x Number Line, 1 x Story of Numbers & 4 x Bags of Counting Worms

Mega Pack: 5 x Counting Boards, 5 x Number Lines, 5 x Story of Numbers & 10 x Bags of Counting Worms