Mini Moves

Mini Moves are a collection of movement cards:
  • 18 cards that help develop movement skills that are beneficial to children in early years.
  • 10 animal and number cards to encourage children to move in different ways, using their imagination.
Mini Moves will support teachers, early year’s practitioners and parents to help children to develop physical skills, move more and develop a greater love for being active.
Use the cards individually to help children to focus on one particular move or use more than one to create fun activities.  Creating activities will encourage children to move in a variety of ways while supporting the development of their literacy and mathematics skills:
Combine more than one move or animal to create an Active Stories.
Create games pairing a number card with a move or a number card with an animal to encourage movement and mathematics.
Add skills to activities such as Simon Says, Traffic Light game, Bear Hunt.
Select two to four movement cards a week as a focus.  This will ensure children will have the opportunity to develop an array of skills and receive additional support if they find any particular skills difficult.  Focussing on different skills each week will help practitioners and parents to create new activities and stories on a regular basis and bring new exciting elements to those activities we already love.
Recommended Age 3+

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