Surface washable. Diameter (tentacle to tentacle) 1600mm Height (head to bottom) 550mm
Hard to know where to start with this wonderfully tactile magical,marine masterpiece. Every part of the octopus is interactive, playing with it is a truly fabulous experience. Each tentacle has something different to offer:
Animal tentacle – discover and hide 5 different animals
Counting tentacle – match outline with positive shapes ( 1 – 5)
Fruit tentacle – sort crackly foil fruits into 4 coloured bags
Button tentacle – undoing and fastening buttons
Holey tentacle – 5 holes of different sizes and depths
Sensory tentacle - 6 patches all with a different surface feel.
Shape tentacle – matching different shapes.
Velcro tentacle – 3 pieces to be fastened together to make whole tentacle.
Even his wonderful yellow bow is crispy and crackly.
All knobs on upper side of tentacle make different noises when pressed.
Surely this fabulous creature must have been Nemo’s best friend!! 
(Please allow up to 28 days delivery on this item)

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