Paint Me Mirrors

Children will love this fun way to paint and collage a self portrait.The mirrors can be washed clean and reused providing water based paints and glue have been used.Craft materials included for adding extra texture and colour. Teacher’s notes included. 

Pack contains:
  • 6 x styrene safety mirrors, cut to head and shoulder shape
  • 6 x MDF stands with strong, double sided tape fixed to base
  • 15 metres x wool. 3 metres each, black, yellow, orange, light brown, dark brown
  • 2 metres x fluffy wool. 1 metre each light brown, dark brown
  • 3 metres x furry cord. 1 metre each black, yellow, orange
  • 5 x felt 15cm sq. 1 each light brown, mid brown, dark brown, tan, black
  • 6 x curly piper cleaners. 2 each black, blonde, orange
  • 1 x teachers notes. A4 80gsm, printed 1 side. Black
  • Packed in A3 grip seal bag.
Recommended Age 3+

Collections: Arts & Crafts

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