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Pine Table light for sand painting (includes sand 12.5 kg)

Sand Painting is a fantastic sensory activity that doesn't involve paint!
The sand is housed within the pine table to help ensure no spillage, and to make things even more creative the table illuminates creating colour and changebale shapes.  Reusable, clean and movable, this table is designed for relaxation, tactile and visual stimulation and develops imagination and play therapy.

The module case is made of pine. Inside the module is quartz sand (the bundle includes 12.5 kg. Sand). In the bottom of the module are mounted LED lights. You can project from within different lighting effects and form complementary patterns in the sand. The backlight is an automatic mode and is separated from the outer part of the module by transparent Plexiglas. Backlight control is carried out using the buttons on the outside of one of the flanges.

Legs Included. 

Measurements: 70cm x 63cm x 63cm

Recommended Age 3+