Playzone-fit trampoline

The Playzone-fit trampoline is a must for any household with children. It is designed to let your child bounce safely indoors.

This bright, colourful children's trampoline features a soft grip, removable padded bar for extra stability. It has a durable, no string, bungee cord design for safer bouncing. With its convenient triangular shape, the balance trampoline will fit almost anywhere.

It has a heavy duty design for the most playful environments. It is expandable with other Playzone Fit products. It is included in the Playzone Fit Activity Pack for some great savings.

Key developments of the kids trampoline:

  • Body Control
  • Motor Skills
  • Concentration

Features & Benefits:

  • Bouncing is great fun & exercise
  • Includes stabilising grip bar for safer use!
  • Improves child confidence
  • Expandable with other Playzone items

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