Rain Cover *for 80100 – Transparent Sides

The raincover is designed for Turtle Kiddy Bus, model 80100 that can accommodate up to 6 children. The raincover is designed for when the bus is in use. The bus must be equipped with canopies, as the raincover is to be mounted on top of these. It provides protection for light rain as well as driving rain from the sides, however, it is not completely waterproof, as it is necessary to have openings in certain places to ensure ventilation.

Instructions and warnings concerning use of the raincover:
• In very windy or stormy weather the raincover is to be dismantled in
order to prevent the Kiddy Bus from tipping over.
• The raincover is not designed for protection from the elements when
parked outdoors. For this purpose it is recommended to use a waterproof storage cover, model 19091 for 6 seater turtlebus (model 19095 for 4 seater)
• The raincover is not to be packed away until it is dry.
• The ventilation can be increased by rolling up windows and doors.

• Can be washed with soap and water and a soft brush or sponge while
mounted on the bus. Hand wash at max. 30ºC. Important: Must be mounted
immediately after wash to avoid crumpling of the windows.
• Zip fasteners and velcro laces are to be checked regularly.

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