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Sensi Pipe


The inside material of the Sensi Pipe is stitched to form an internal tube along which the children can feed the ball through.
Other objects may be inserted into the pipe, for example a small bell, comb or a toothbrush to give different tactile experiences. In doing so, you learn playfully and in a quite exciting way to get a feeling for different materials and objects. Sensi Pipe can be zipped to form a large band or can be used as a long ‘pipe'.

Sensi Pipe encourages tactile and three dimensional cognition, hand and eye co-ordination. It is also great for fine and gross motor skills and stimulates imagination. This is a wonderful resource for every child but it particularly useful for special needs and the visually impaired. Another Spectrum ‘must have'product!

Tube of 13 different fabrics and materials with zip

262 x 14cm: Ball: Storage Bag:Teachers' notes

Each of the different fabrics have a distinctive colour, pattern feel.